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Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Party with those Crazy Birds!

Being newly debt free, and wanting to stay that way, my mission is to help our family live better without going broke.  Hosting a birthday party used to pull out all the stops, but this year I found ways to bring out the FUN and save the Finances.  With a little extra planning, hard work, and creative thinking we now focus on the celebrating! 

This is a little detour from my regular blog, but I am blown away by the change in our lifestyle and choices since beginning our debt free journey in 2011; I just had to share with you how you can throw a party, be mom (dad) of the year, and still have money left for the present!

For my son's Angry Bird Party, we held the event at our local YMCA (check on their member rates for room rentals) There are not too many places out there where you can hold a party, have access to their gym equipment, clean facilities, and hosted by people who love kids for under $100! (ours was way less)
We used their "regular party package" and then I looked for deals on paper goods and extras to save a few $$.

Items to purchase:

Cake/Cake Balls: <$25.00
Box of cake mix
Container of icing
Extra icing for "Staging cake"
Candy Melts: Yellow, Green, Red
(reserve a few yellow and green for the beaks and pig parts)
Eyes: I used leftover bits from ice cream topping
White cookie icing (I recommend using white chocolate cut in circles instead. 
This stuff was really runny.)
Black Licorice
Candy sticks
Green Floral Foam block

Angry Bird Towers: <$10.00 for paint
Spray Paint (* optional)
Boxes FREE!  (many retailers receive shipments on Fridays, hit them up in the afternoon)
I got the hook up at Bed Bath and Beyond and a local hardware store.  We also saved our cereal, tissue, and boxes from regular purchases at home.

Party Bags: ~$1.25 each
These used to be bank breakers.  Keep it simple!
Angry Birds fruit snacks
Clear Party bags
Spiral drawing pad
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