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I saw the angel in stone and I carved until I set him free. - Michelangelo

Monday, April 23, 2012

The Distance to THERE

When I was a little girl, there was a swing set in our back yard. I used to spend hours swinging and looking up at the clouds thinking about what it was I was going to be.  Mostly, I turned up my little FM radio/Cassette Combo player and made up music videos, but there were moments when I would dream about life beyond Middle School, beyond Barbie and NKOTB (I am a child of the 80's...).  I was convinced I would get there on my own, wherever 'there' happened to be.

There interesting part about 'there' is nailing down its exact location. Over the years it moved quite a bit, like the clouds from my childhood, my drifting dreams were replaced each day with new, brighter ones. 

On the way to 'there'
At some point along the way, I realized I was not walking alone.  Something, someone, was guiding each step.  As I began to turn my dreams of a little girl into goals for the future, 'there' became a real place, a time, and sense of accomplishment.  I knew I wanted to influence people, not in a manipulative coercive way, but in a way that moved them to be better people, do things bigger than themselves, achieve the unthinkable.

You have to be 'there'
You just can't get there alone.  Along the way, many people influenced me (not always in positive ways) but those who made a true impact in me I remember most not for how flamboyant their tactics or how intriguing they made their stories, but because of how they live.  They continue to inspire me to live better.  This is really where the concept of Think better. Feel better. Live better. developed.  Before you can expect a life that is better than where you are today, you first have to surround yourself with the people who have been 'there', those whose experiences you can learn from, whose wisdom is far beyond yours.  There is nothing more valuable in life than a friend, a person you can count on to love you no matter what. 

'There' is not a place
There is an idea of what it means to live better.  When I sat on the swing behind my house I thought about what life could be like beyond today, it was full of hope and had no fear of failure. What would it take to get you 'THERE'?  What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

THERE is eventually where you will be once you decide HERE is not where you want to be.

Think better. Feel better. Live better.

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