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I saw the angel in stone and I carved until I set him free. - Michelangelo

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It's a Process, Enjoy it!

My sporadic posting is a testament to what you are about to get today.  My plan for the new year was to launch this incredible vision of how to live life to the fullest with 3 simple principles:  Think Better, Feel Better, Live Better.  I truly believe these all work in tandem and anything can be over come with placing these in the right order.

"So what Happened?" you may ask. 

I put them in the wrong order. I was ready to Live Better because I Felt Better about where things were going, I just hadn't Thought it all 100% out, very unlike me.  I am a thinker, I will toil over things for great lengths of time before diving in to new territory or even revisiting the familiar.  2011 was full of me pushing this comfort zone: I launched my blog in April, saw significant changes in myself, my family, and my marriage over the course of 3 months.  Not accustomed to the fast track, I did what any other awkwardly uncomfortable person would do in that situation - I jumped on the flying train and rode out the thrill!

Enter the last weeks of 2011. I saw the earth flying past and a door flying open and yelled, "Whoa!" Though my voice sounded more like reality setting in, "We haven't got all this together yet." 

I am so thankful for the joy ride of 2011.  My life is in a place beyond my wildest dreams and the momentum just keeps taking my family and I to new levels of living.  I am not talking rags to riches, I am talking about closed eyes to open, fearful hearts to ready, from what about me to how can I make it better for you. 

The conception would be for some once you think better, then you feel better, then a leprechaun jumps out of a rainbow and 'Poof!' live better!  As great as that would be, it just isn't so.  We get them jumbled, we stick around in Feel Better and don't want to leave.  We get trapped in our thoughts and can't imagine our way out of them again.  Worse yet, we live and forget to feel or think about anyone else.

The pursuit of Living Better is just that - a pursuit.  You sometimes need to engage some flexibility, accept the detours, and move beyond your past to get to the destination.  Along the way, we know we need accountability, people to share the feel good times, and just time to ponder and plan what to do with the "present".

Your life is a gift.  Your heart is a sponge, the more it gives away, the more it can absorb.  Your mind is an amazing place where you can go to tap into the power of your dreams.

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