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I saw the angel in stone and I carved until I set him free. - Michelangelo

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Extraordinary Life Begins in You

For many in our world, a better tomorrow will never come.  Not because the opportunities aren't theirs for the taking and not because they weren't shown the way.  For these, life will remain a dark place with seemingly no escape.  They have not learned to live...

This post has been on my heart for just under a year now and felt the push to share it with you today. 

I am not an expert in Psychosis, nor do I proclaim to have interviewed, surveyed, or done case studies on such matters.  I lived it.  I lived in the abyss and so I can only write as a testimony to what I know and how I managed to climb out from the catacomb and into the Light.  What follows is simply my philosophy on how one goes from a place of self to a place of grace.  How one grows from living for now to living better.

Think Better: better begins within us, in the place deep inside the secret alcoves of your darkest secrets, most private thoughts.  Call it your inner voice or your conscientious.  There, you know your real self.  Over time, this part of you is either shielded or released by the identity you form over time.  Your identity forms through social interaction, your environment, and the very thoughts you interpret from those interactions. Much the way a sculptor releases a beautiful form from stone, one must pull back the thick toxic layers to find true self. 

The expectation is this process will be painful, emotional, perhaps discouraging.  Dig deeper.  The threshold to truth is only reached through persistence, support, and accountability.

Feel Better: Our emotions and perspective influence our heart and soul. The better we feel about ourselves, the more empowered we are to reach out to others. The ability to Be better seems real and possibility.  This is by far the pinnacle of better awareness.  Once the state of feeling better is reached, one goal is accomplished, the other areas of one's life begin to change.  The course shifts and our thoughts drive action.

The pursuit of better living begins in our passion to live better.

Live Better:  Once balance is found between thought and heart and the physical being, one possesses the tools to make a lasting impact, causing a chain reaction within you, within your home, within your neighborhood, school, city...the world! 

I still think about "the Dark Ages" and wonder how I existed in that cold, hard place for so long.  What still astounds me is not only the extraordinary transformation of mind, heart, and soul, but also the speed with which it happened.  Once the layer of truth was reached in my mind, I was able to embrace a real sense of who I was to be, what I had live for...I was free to live. I did not walk away from where I was, I ran!  Each step promising to be better than the last, never to return the same as I was before.

Find your inner truth.  Find your best self.  Be Better.

Think Better. Feel Better. Live Better.

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