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I saw the angel in stone and I carved until I set him free. - Michelangelo

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Bravery Test

“Today we’re going to have a bravery test right at the beginning of the painting. So here goes…Midnight Black…cut off a little roll of paint. Let’s go up here and make our first major decision…and jump right in.” Bob Ross (1993)
Life would be a whole lot more interesting waking up with this philosophy every morning.  I can only imagine the things I could accomplish with the enthusiasm of Bob Ross.  For each of us, every morning we wake up there is another blank canvas, primed and ready for us to make a bold decision and take action.  What I really enjoy most about this quote is the encouragement for us to be not only risky and bold, but to be intentional.  You’ll notice Bob didn’t say, “Cut off a little piece of white or pale blue…” He uses Midnight Black!  You cannot be wishy washy when it comes to Midnight Black.  Once you commit to using it, you better know where you are going to put it.
If you are going to live with purpose and lead with presence, you must be prepared to make choices, not on whims, but on passion, vision, and with a forward focused direction.  Those choices must be in line with your organization’s (family, group, life) compass.
Recently, I made the decision to pursue a new venture with this blog.  It is going to be bold and new, but I am confident it will be something worth the risk and effort.  In light of this decision, I had to make another one about when the transition would occur.  For the month of December, Rough Cuts will live as an archive of 58 posts.  (Feel free to peruse them over the next couple weeks.)
On January 1st, I will launch the updated version and transition to my own Magnum Opus. 
What decision will you make today?  Cut off a little piece of Midnight Black and dig in!  Rough out your dream and take action in making it a reality…Live Better!

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