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I saw the angel in stone and I carved until I set him free. - Michelangelo

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nothing Stands Against Us

A unique bond forms as an artist dips his brush to the pallet and gazes upon his canvas.  A distinct passion rises up from the heart of a parent while watching their once small toddler walk confidently across the threshold of adulthood.  Solemness overcomes a soldier as he laces his boots, remembering those gone before him.  A sense of unity arises from a sea of strangers dressed in the home team colors. 

We ourselves do not create it.  The broken world around us threatens its strength and significance.  It is nothing that can be given or taken away. 

It is built from the union of ideas, spirit, and heart.  It forms from the blood, sweat, and tears spent to sustain it, protect it, and express it.  It spans time, age, and geography. 

It is the very thing which drives us into the depths of turmoil and destruction, and causes us to claim victory even when it seems all hope is lost.

From a young age we recognize it.  In our old age, it bonds us to a generation falling in line behind us. 

Pride rests in how you define who you are as a part of a greater, stronger, and collective we.

Today, tomorrow, and what lies in our immediate and distant future is a reflection of who WE ARE.

Pride is being the daughter of a U.S. Marine as the Corps celebrates 236 years of sacrificial service today.

Pride is being the wife of an U.S. Air Force Veteran, recognized tomorrow for protecting our freedom.

Pride is being a Penn State University graduate (BA '02, Masters '10) and will shout "WE ARE!" during kickoff this Saturday as a team of dedicated students, donned in nameless jerseys, run onto the field to continue a legacy.

Pride is being part of something far greater than yourself, whether it be on a team, with a group, or in your family.  Relinquishing your devotion to those people and ideals is not an option because alone we stand no chance, but together...We Are, We Can, and We Will!

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