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I saw the angel in stone and I carved until I set him free. - Michelangelo

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Captivating the Audience

"The only thing that matters in art is the part that cannot be explained." Georges Braque

Any book with this as the first line in its foreward commands my attention and requires a sincere acknowledgement.  I just picked up Leadership Presence from the growing pile of books on our night stand this evening and had to tear myself away from the engaging dialogue to post tonight on the topic of Artful Presence.  The authors are the cofounders of The Ariel Group, a group of former actors and performers who teach skills in leadership through purposefully led "presence exercises".  I won't divulge any more than that, just want to tease your pallet because by now I am sure you are asking "What does acting have to do with leadership?"  And the authors do a brilliant job of answering that question, so I will not attempt to do so.  You are going to have to read it for yourself. 

It does, however change the definition of leadership and speaks to the essence of what this blog is all about - Living and Leading Artistically.

The artist has the unique ability to influence and engage.  The psychology behind use of color, shape, and must be understood fully by an artist in order to gain "participants".  This is the same principle needed for effective leadership, is it not?  As a leader, you must posses the inconcievable ability to know what people need before they know they need it, understand motivators and WHY they cause people to move in your direction.

Those who embrace people and strive to create a genuine, unique experience command our attention.  They tear at our core and fuel our passion to be part of something greater than ourselves, to connect with what it is that motivates them.  People want to belong, be noticed, and discover something better about themselves.  Learning and mastering the art of leading is far greater than positional attributes or perfectly aligned plans.  The art of leading takes patience, willingness to open ourselves to others and develop authentic relationships.  The human spirit is complex; it takes time to uncover its many layers.

Think about the last time you were moved by a song lyric, movie, photograph, or sculpture.  What about it made it captivating?  Was there a specific element that spoke to you?

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