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I saw the angel in stone and I carved until I set him free. - Michelangelo

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Living Artistically - Life in 3D

There is a significant difference between two-dimensional and three-dimensional art when it comes to how we observe, interpret, and interact with it.  The same goes for how we engage in life, observe it, and experience it.

When I studied two-dimensional art, we focused on color an the ability of the mind to interpret even the slightest variation in shade.  The mind plays tricks on us occasionally, you may know these as "optical illusions".  These illusions are simply line, color or form placed in such a way to convince the mind it is seeing something which may not actually be there.  Two colors placed next to one another in a purposeful way can affect the color thought to be present.  Once a proximal color is covered, the true color is revealed.  It was all in the details. 

In my three-dimensional study, we focused on bringing ideas to form.  The way in which someone engaged physically or emotionally with a project had to be planned out from the beginning:  is the piece meant to be touched, heard, seen, felt, walked on, stood in, put on, or any variety or combination of experiences.  The separation between the kiln dried pot and the fabric covered building can be as expansive as the stimulation they invoke to the participant.

I love the word participant when we discuss Art because it correlates well with Life.  I ask myself daily, "Are you participating in today, or observing?"  Think about your day, how would you describe the way each moment interacts with another? 

Is your description about the things, the places, and the people in your life?  Do you use adjectives to "color" those pieces?  An artist could most likely paint a beautiful portrait of your life from the intricate detail you might divulge.  And there is nothing wrong with this!  We love our families, our churches, our jobs, and the special places where we spend our time.  Where we risk creating illusion is placing color too closely, or just a shade too dark or bright, then we elude to a "picture perfect" life which may or may not be real and fulfilling. We also risk becoming observers of our lives, placing things instead of participating in them.

The opportunity to truly develop the Art of Living and participate fully in this limited engagement lies in our ability to connect moments, use all of our senses, and make experiences tangible.  We progress from 2D to 3D living when our thoughts become our feelings, considering our impact on others and theirs on us.  How do we all move together, intertwine, and PARTICIPATE in shaping life?

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