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I saw the angel in stone and I carved until I set him free. - Michelangelo

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Generation formed from Ashes

It was the fall of my senior year of college.  I had just completed the first cut through a 3inch cube of bulsa wood in my 3-D Studio Class.  A classmate announced that a plane had flown through one of the towers of the World Trade Center.  After a flurry of bus stops, busy signals, and worried faces, I arrived at my off campus apartment in time to see the first tower ablaze while from behind the reporter we saw a second plane hit tower two.  My roommates and I clung to all that we knew, far from our families, unable to connect with familiar voices, we grieved with one another. I am not sure anyone from our generation could explain the nauseating fear which consumed us all.  Those flames and horrific images were no stranger to us. We were, after all, the Kindergartners and gradeschoolers who gathered in our classrooms in 1985 to watch the fatal launch of the Challenger Space Shuttle, just a few years later we looked on in horror at the nighttime bombings during Desert Storm. We were the middle schoolers who witnessed reports from Columbine on our tv's at home and highschoolers whose study halls consisted of court hearings and car chases, riots, and exploitation.

A generation haunted by the ashes of fallen friends, parents, and heroes.  Now most of us in our 30's, raising families of our own and climbing career ladders, commemorate a day, a turning point in our lives on which we turn to hope. 

The project I began 10 years ago today, became an abstract replica and solemn symbol of the tragedy of 9/11.  The lives of this generation however are a much larger tribute to what we have overcome.  Each season of life is marked by its autumn, followed by its cold harsh winter.  Now our generation has reached its spring.  We are marked by our tenacity and a spirit of hope.  Our lives now marked by war, distrust and an economic downfall,we have become a movement of people driven to overcome and engage in a world to bring forth a monumental force to build tomorrow.  Our tomorrow has arrived.  We have risen from the ashes and will pave the way for new things to come because we have been to the edge and looked down into the fire and said, "Not more!"
Artist rendering of Ground Zero with new memorial pools and future building constructions.

What are you doing today?  Where are you going from here?

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