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I saw the angel in stone and I carved until I set him free. - Michelangelo

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dreams begin with "BE"

My daughter spent the past week creating the ideas for her future restaurant.  Last Saturday, she made menus and, while donning her chef "toque" and apron, served us our orders.  From the moment she woke last Saturday, she determined she IS a chef, not just wanted to BE one.  I adore this about my daughter.  She pursues her dreams and ideas with full gusto, with no fear of failure or minute details such as culinary school or formal training. To her, those are things that will happen, those are "the givens" in the pursuit of achievement.  Her focus is on doing, performing, throwing her passion into her dream.

She did not wait for someone to TELL her she was a good cook.  She did not ask what it would take to be a world famous chef.  In her heart she already believes it.  Tomorrow, she may have a different dream, but for now she IS a chef and she has the benefit of time and childhood to figure out where her talents, her joy, her passion will take her next.

An artistic leader does not need to be TOLD they have great potential.  He does not need to have a painting hung in the Louvre or a Platinum album in his studio to prove he is an artist.  He does not need CEO of the Year or a 6 digit salary and tailor-made suits to show he is a leader.  He simply believes in his heart that he IS capable of creating and so he creates.

A bird does not need to be told it can fly, it opens its wings.  The fish is not told to swim, it just does.  A small acorn is not told to grow or sprout, it becomes a strong oak tree because that is what it was created to do.  What were you created to do?

My daughter also believes she will one day be on TV, she can already drive a car, and she will go to college in California.  The benefit of being 6 years old is that she can fully pursue these things without much resistance, meanwhile as her parents we keep her safe and teach her how to financially prepare for the chef job she will need to get her first break in Hollywood.  Regardless of where the road leads, her will is as strong as wrought iron.  There is no doubt greatness awaits those who are willing to follow the direction of their dreams.

What would life look like if you pursued your dream without fear of failure, or if the details were seen as an assumed part of the process, not as obstacles keeping you from moving?

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