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I saw the angel in stone and I carved until I set him free. - Michelangelo

Monday, August 8, 2011

Screen printing Leadership: Changing Generations

I was reading today about art legend Andy Warhol.  He is the pop culture artist that many may recognize for his celebrity prints, such as those done of Marilyn Monroe.  He is also the man, not surprisingly, credited with the creation of the screen printing concept.  If you have ever worn a t-shirt with a graphic on it, you can thank the brilliance of this man.  Screen printing helped him form his art out of reproduced shapes, he simply added a variety of colors to add vibrancy and life to the repetition of images.

It made me think a moment about my leadership: What am I doing today with such excellence, that it can be reproduced by those around me without the need for additional training?  What tasks, ideas, or actions do I bring to my team and my everyday life are worth the distinct honor of having someone else reproduce?

Every Artistic Leader has an art form they do exceptionally well, whether it is the way they relate to people, casting vision, coaching followers, or a myriad of other qualities.  After years of honing it, perfecting it, adding their own unique signature to it, there will come a day when someone else will need to pick up where they left off and carry the torch for another generation of artists.  This individual or group of individuals is usual an apprentice in the craft of his leader or someone a Leader coaches, molds, invests time in developing, demonstrating a strength in those areas where his leader excelled, but also with his own unique skill.  This pattern repeats itself over and over again across generations to form great organizations, strong families, or perhaps communities poised to overcome the greatest of catastrophes.  A strong leader with reproducible passions and vision, has the potential to reproduce his work long after he has resigned his formal position in limelight.

What are you passing on to the next generation of leaders?  Who will carry on your passion past the moment of today?  What would it look like to "screen print" your best qualities?

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