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Monday, August 15, 2011

Photo Journal: Part 2

It's in the details.

One of my absolute favorite parts of traveling overnight is the hotel experience.  What makes that experience so worth it is not the TV in the lounge or the free continental breakfast or 24 hour fitness center.  It is the toilet paper.  Yes, that's right it is the folded end of the toilet paper roll.  I know they planned for my arrival: the bathroom was cleaned, each detail was thought out and prepared just for me.  In the same light, creatively folded towels, tucked in pillow cases, and a turned down bed rank up there too!  Last night I stayed in a hotel and they had every detail worked out, included high brow coffee.  It was midnight when we got in and I just wanted to crawl into the covers.  When I got to my bed, there were three pillows piled in the center of the bed with no pillow cases!  My entire reason for the reservation - one night's sleep was not a priority for them. No amount of free Wi-fi or carefully placed decor made up for the fact that my good night's sleep was delayed.  We spent all of 7 hours in the hotel and MY detail, the one thing that mattered most to me was forgotten.  At 6:30 AM, when I opened my door, I rolled my suitcase right over my free USA Today and headed to the car.

This made me think about what my leadership creates for others.  Is there a detail I miss when engaging with my team, how are their lives affected by the impact of my leadership (or area where leadership is lacking)?  Can you see far beyond the members of your team you are able to improve details along the way for them so it is easier for them to get to where your vision is taking them?  Do you take care of the details?

This weekend was an amazing trip to Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC.  Just as our team does at Waters Edge Church, they focus on the details.  In all areas...excellence matters.  Do you know why?

What this produces and what impact this has on those who attend allows guests to experience something astounding.  They are not distracted by the little things we forgot, or the thoughts they have about "how I wish there was this or that" They are able to focus on their reason for coming.  They are able to focus all of their attention on what matters to them.  As a result, lives are changed.  As a result of diligence on the part of leaders who think far ahead, entire generations are changed. 

Do you have this level of intensity about the details in your life?  Do you "fold the toilet paper ends" for the people you care about?

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