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I saw the angel in stone and I carved until I set him free. - Michelangelo

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Photo Journal: Part 1

Over the next week, I will be traveling to a few different places for work and with my family.  Instead of forcing out some creative whit which may or may not apply to your life or deepen your understanding of the artistic view of life, I thought I would snap some photos and share them with you.  This way perhaps I can SHOW you how I see the world.  I hope you enjoy the experience.
First Step was to remove the large screw front my tire so this trip could be possible!  Little things have a way of making a BIG  impact on your life. (I will spare you the puns)

Tonight is the preparation, not only of the schedules and iteneraries, reassurance for the kids, handling last minute household responsibilities, but also for the planned time I will need to manage the impact this next week will have on me personally.  A trip to see the extended family surely will include emotional and physical demands associated with the gauntlet of home visits, hugs, and run down of our lives in 60 seconds or less as I tell my 3 year old not to over feed the fish or push a toy cart down the stairs (these are actual examples of his antics). Fortunately, the first leg of my whirlwind tour is a roadtrip to North Carolina for work. Considering I work for a large contemporary church, this trip has the potential to be both a professional and personal recharge.  

No matter the destination, it's what you do on the ride, how you intereact with where you are, and what you bring home.  Every trip is an adventure.  I look forward to sharing my next eight days with you.

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