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I saw the angel in stone and I carved until I set him free. - Michelangelo

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Open the Lid on your Life

Several years ago, when I was drawing my way out of the dark places in my life, I began to discover the principle of "the Lid".  Lids get placed on all types of things: jars, trashcans, your car's gas tank, even your ice cream.  The purpose of the lid is to keep something in or prevent the release of something, whether the inside contains something hazardous or not, the lid restricts everything outside of the confines of the container from getting in and anything inside from getting out. If you want to squelch a fire, you cover it.  If you want to keep a lightning bug inside a mason jar, you screw on the lid.  If you want to protect your favorite ice cream from freezer burn, you seal it. The trouble with a lid when it comes to living, breathing things - it prevents the growth and is fatal. 

So what did a lid have to do with people?  What was this magical principle that shed light on to my dark canvas?  As I focused on my own thoughts, on my own situations, on my own weaknesses, I placed a heavy lid on my soul.  I found myself inside I confined space with no ability to get out and do something with my life.  I cannot stand to be in tight spaces.  I enjoy my 3-feet-of-life-bubble.  So how did I allow myself to get so confined?  I let it happen, I ignored my passions, I let things happen to me instead of taking a step forward.  I let the lid get nailed down over me - I was suffocating and didn't even take notice until I was almost out of breath.

What do you do?  What do you do when you find yourself out of air, out of the passion that fuels your life?  You start digging in - you start chiseling away at the stone!  It only takes one small hole, one tear in the lid to allow the breath to enter your space.  For me, I began drawing pictures of my tightly closed box, then I began adding holes, which allowed light to enter.  When enough light entered the space, I began to see the keys laying inside.  I began to take note of ways to unlock the lid.

Sometimes we just are not able to see what needs to be done because we are in darkness.  Digging in, making small movements, introducing light to your situation, allows you to take account of what tools and resources are available to you.  Leaders understand this concept and those who know how to lift the lids of others appreciate the power of letting light slip into the cracks.  They know they do not need to provide the tools, just guide the light. 

I enjoy seeing the world without a lid to block the view.  It can be an amazing place, but it starts by digging in, allowing a little light to cast into your life, then MOVE in the direction of the light!

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