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I saw the angel in stone and I carved until I set him free. - Michelangelo

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pass on the Glitter - Focus on the image

If your childhood art experiments were anything like mine, then glitter was the most amazing, most coveted element in the craft bin.  Glitter is so much fun, it makes everything sparkle and you never needed to stay in the lines.  Once the glue dried and the excess delicately shaken from the paper, what remained was a masterful work of sparkly genius!  Early on, I learned glue was an essential material to manage and master to make my glitter creations the best they could be.  Everyone knows sloppy glue makes for clumpy glitter and streaks when its time to shake the excess... and you NEVER touch the tip of the glue to glittered glue!  Who would have thought this glorious additive would correlate with some approaches to life?

But here's the reality with Glitter and life: Not everything was meant to be covered in small, vibrantly colored speckles of reflective plastic and metal.  Ever lose sight of the image when you doused your artwork in glittery awesomeness.  I loved the way it sparkled in the sunlight, but I sometimes would forget what lay beneath the mother load of glitz and glam. Often I catch myself thinking, "If I just make it sound fun to go window shopping for rugs, my kids will jump for joy." or "This shopping trip for things I don't really need will make me feel much better." No matter how you dress it up or make it sparkle, sometimes the truth is just the truth.  Its raw, not always pretty and the temptation is to cover it up with some pizazz.

I used to wonder why the multi-colored glitter container was so huge while the fun single colors looked more enticing, but were in limited supply.  I found out the glittery truth one day while really piling on the greatness, not shaking between colors.  In my haste, I realized that I needed to shake but I now had several colors on my paper.  So out came the multi-color container of glitter death.  I mean really, who uses the multi-color?  Where's the fun or creative color assignment?  But isn't that what we do, we hastily accumulate only to find we have reached the point when our once intriguing array of choices becomes a heap of leftovers?  

I still love glitter, of course now that I am the glitter manager, we have rules...was it really that messy when we were little?  Call me the glitter control queen.  But that is okay since I know that we will have ample supply of choices, no depressing multi-color bottle, and (now that I have taught my oldest to glue - lines not globs, we are streak free!)

Glitter carefully friends, add some sparkle, throw some pizazz in for good measure, just manage your haste, pause before you pour, and use your flare to enhance your life, not cover it up!

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