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I saw the angel in stone and I carved until I set him free. - Michelangelo

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Finish your work: Intensity past the thrill

Intensity past the thrill.
Some projects took so much time and meticulous effort I could not see beyond the now in order to get myself to the finish.  It is an exhilarating experience to develop the idea, brainstorm how it will play out, imagine the completed piece and begin the process of assembling the elements together.  Oh, the thrill of creativity, the joy of getting started on an expedition of discovery!  I had such a project in my past.  The assignment required enlarging a photo shop design and then transforming the image through layering of created color.  The project explored the world of digital imagery (somewhat still in its infancy, anyway new to me).  The possibilities were endless!

Hitting your first hurdle.
The goal of this project was to visually represent the movement of women who, through their demonstration of courage, strength, and resiliencys,  created a "wave" of  achievement.  I was thrilled to embark on this journey of self-expression.  The first hurdle: I knew nothing about digital media. No sweat, I got a quick tutorial and off I went creating!  I guess we expect to experience a few pitfalls, usually followed by, "I learned something new today!" We feel refreshed and inspired to work even harder with our new found knowledge.

Tougher stuff.
Enlarging a digital photo to an enormous size takes the work of a professional, so off to Kinko's I went!  My mind was racing with the anticipation of adhering a layered design to my particle board.  The sizes didn't quite line up with the measurement of the board, but the paint layering would fix those issues with no sweat...enter the PAINT!  I now had a 3' x 3' black and white print copy of my "would be masterpiece". I was ready to begin the glorious process of creating color!  Have you ever tried to cover three square feet of paper with detailed paint?  I neglected to think about those ladies' faces when planning the design.  I do not have a great track record with painting skin color (*note the Blue Peasant).  If I had a roller, I could have knocked out the project in no time, but the grueling process started and now I was in the midst of trying to turn a giant photocopy into a painting!  I began to loathe each brush stroke and each tiny facial feature.  After my second all-nighter and two other studio project deadlines looming, I surrendered to the agony.

Finishing takes intensity.
Needless to say, the final piece was well below my potential, though the goal was achieved and the idea conveyed, in my heart I knew it could have been so much more...if I had the intensity to see it through past the finish.

Have you ever seen the finish line but just didn't have the stamina to stampede through it?  Have you been so close to what you're doing right now that you no longer see where its taking you? Who can you take along with you or help get to their next level.  When you are moving someone else forward you will move that direction as well. We are all on our way to a finish line somewhere, you might be at the starting line or your first "lesson learned", maybe you are AT the mountain and you are thinking "No, I can't see it through." Let me share this with you:  if you think it long enough, you will begin to feel it, and if you feel it long enough you will be it! 

Be intense about being...

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