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I saw the angel in stone and I carved until I set him free. - Michelangelo

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Woven Threads: Moments of clarity

Every so often as we go about our lives, there are what I call Moments of Clarity.  Moments that you will one day sit back and relish, relive, and see precisley where in your life those experiences made in impact.  Some of those moments for me where spent being a part of someone else's journey, someone else's story.  It is in these precious moments of intertwined threads of life that we begin to see we are just small parts of a larger masterpiece.  Just thin colorful threads in a gigantic tapestry that spans time and place.

One such time in my life was last summer.  My husband and I traveled to Nicaragua for a mission work trip and I watched time stand still for a moment while threads interlocked, hearts broke and lives were changed forever.  The first day in the village, the children gathered at the work site.  Within moments, the site was scattered with butterfiles "Las Mariposas".  The children managed to catch a few and bring them to us; they spent the entire morning thrashing the bushes to bring us handfuls of them.  As the week went on, we all remembered that morning which began with one simple joy and our campanionship grew in the days that followed.  We learned their stories, they learned what made us laugh and sing; we built them a school, they tore down the walls around our hearts.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.  I also hope you find time to appreciate today the little things in your life, the little things that bring you joy and bring you closer to others. These moments of clarity will be the times in your life when the chisel will meet with the rough edges of your material and you will begin to etch out what lies within it. 

El hijo Pequenito (the Little Boy)

As the mariposa flies
he sits beside and watches
in the field he rests
he looks on with intentful eyes
his smile a radiant white
Onward it flies and swoops and swings
in his heart he wishes
A brighter day tomorrow brings
for now the hope builds stronger
He sits alone but within the sky
a friend, a flutter, a future
He spreads his arms as if to fly
his eyes close tight against the breeze
to soar, to float, to take flight
a cloud he amost touches
Now he soars along with them
the world now far below
on each flower they rest their wings
the ground a memory of a life once lived
now a distant trace
He sings a song, his wings spread wide
this time to soar forever. 

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