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I saw the angel in stone and I carved until I set him free. - Michelangelo

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kaizen: The pursuit of continuous improvement

A few years ago, I came across a word that would change the way I pursued my goals, lived my life, and faced the world.  The word was Kaizen. 
Kaizen (改善?), Japanese for "improvement", or "change for the better" refers to philosophy or practices that focus upon continuous improvement.
The key to a Kaizen approach to anything is knowing that this is not a quick fix to what is wrong with your life or business.  The process is slow, it is steady, it is a commitment to a lifetime of looking for a better way.  So many times I want the better way right now! This is not reality and is a sign of immaturity as a leader.

The Artistic Leader knows that the final masterpiece cannot happen overnight, it requires intentional effort over time. Applying careful layers as the transformation of canvas to art takes place. People on your team are not overnight successes, there is a learning curve, a process of coaching and development.

Set the pace, work your plan and be open to possibility of being better tomorrow than you are today because of having a life open to continuous, paced improvement to be the best you!

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