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I saw the angel in stone and I carved until I set him free. - Michelangelo

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Assemblage - Found Things

Assemblage: n:// a sculpture constructed from found objects. Typically an assemblage does not disguise the original objects used, rather it either tries to show them in new light, or forms a figurative sculpture from the collection of shapes.
When you finally get the plan together and begin allowing life to take shape, an amazing thing begins to happen...creation.  Over the past several years, I have dreamed of writing a manuscript.  I planned topics, formulated outlines, and spent an abundance of time reflecting and absorbing life.  Then the day came to put the pen to paper (fingers to keys). I wondered, "How will I ever find enough to write about? Will it be interesting? Will it all make sense as one organized and well thought out design?"  I have found that sometimes, you just need to begin.  The first step is truly the hardest and the most gratifying, because every step afterward seems to fall logically into place.  What came out of the past several years of start-stop conviction was the ability to "find things" and allow them to sit next to one another in a pile of disordered paper and doodles.  Apparently they began planning too, because those found things, seemingly mindless unrelated ideas are now writing this blog. They are now putting to life the reality of writing from the heart and releasing parts of my mind that I for so long repressed and told to "Hush! There will be time later for you."  Luckily my mind doesn't always listen and is about as wildly crazy and loud as my inner child.

Did you ever spend an afternoon as a child just collecting things?  There are few things as fascinating as the ground as a kid.  I was the one collecting shells on the beach, rocks anywhere I could find them, and I would twirl fall leaves for autumn afternoons on end.  As I moved away from dirt and things that made my hands smell, I focused more on those things that had meaning: a movie ticket from my first date, my horoscope that said something "amazing was going to happen", prom tickets, letters, creatively folded notes that would have made origami look like trash.  Now some of those things still "found" their way into my attic storage that I recently relinquished to the round file, however the habits developed in those early years are very much present in my life.  I collect everything from stories, to quotes, scribbled ideas on napkins, and files full of cards. 

These found things, combined with the idea one day to just begin assembling the menagerie of text, provided the channel by which these found things could come together in a harmonious and creative way.  Certainly a testament to timing and preparation, allowing creative energy to begin connecting the dots.  The result? A transformation from separation to collection, parts to a whole, clutter to assemblage.  Together these parts:  ideas, thoughts, experience make up my story, my Magnum Opus and I hope that one day each part can be seen for what it is simply because of the role it plays in the completeness of a life fully and creatively lived.

Rough Cuts got a face lift this week and will continue to be a visual experience of applying found things to an ever changing, expanding, and open piece of work.  I hope that you enjoy the journey with me.  Your interaction with this space provides additional color and vibrancy that is welcome and highly encouraged.  It intensifies the experience and keeps us engaged in the threads that connect us all together.

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